First Wausau United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 15, 2024
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

Faith Formation

Sermons All Week... All Year

If you miss a sermon and want to stay current with a series, or review past ones, the text and audio podcast of each week’s message are uploaded to You can find links to our YouTube page for the past two years sermons… you could put together your own private retreat.

Online Connections

Are you a regular user of Facebook? Jen Johnson has offered to help keep our church page updated with short notices of events and occasional announcements.

Let Jen or staff know if you can help with newer lines of communication. There’s a whole generation who may not read The Messenger or church bulletins but may well respond to invitations received on their phone. If you are connected to online worlds, help FUMC connect people through modern means Wesley surely would use today.

Welcome our new Director of Discipleship, Julie Miehe!


I am Julie Miehe and was born and raised in southwest Wisconsin on a dairy farm. I went to nursing school immediately out of high school. I retired from nursing a year ago. I started my career on the transplant unit and have been doing a wide variety of things since but most recently working in employee health and handling workers compensation claims of our employee. I have held many positions within the local district and conference in Wisconsin. I led our youth group for 12 years. I have been involved in United Women in Faith and have been president, secretary of program resources and chair and member of the committee on nominations. As a part of UWF I also served on the nominations committee for the jurisdiction. I have been the dean, assistant dean, and registrar for Mission u and have had the honor of leading two of the annual studies at the conference level. I have been on 6 VIM trips: one international medical mission trip to Laos, 4 in the states and one in Wisconsin. I am on the board of laity for the second time and was a member of the Committee on Status and Role of Women. I have taught Sunday school, led Bible studies, sung in the choir and been a part of the church council and am passionate about mission. I was a participant in Faith Alive and am currently the Dean of that program. Outside church I love to knit, read, do crafts, and attend UW Madison men’s basketball games. I am a divorcee with a son and daughter. My son and his wife have my three grandchildren who are a huge blessing.